Yesterday I watched Rise of the Guardians on my laptop with my earphones and put the sound all the way up. I’ve seen the movie several times already and I’ve already seen many of the small details… but there is one big detail we often miss. The sound.
     A couple of times I closed my eyes and I noticed, there isn’t once a silent moment. Sometimes I would just close my eyes and listen. So many things are heard, either it’s the acutal characters speaking or the sounds of what everyone is doing or the sounds of the beautiful orchesta. There is never a time I did not hear something just like in real life. There will always be some sort of sound, no matter where you are. All the sounds were just sound amazing, beautiful, and exact. These are some of my favorites.

~When Jack makes frost on the trees and lake (basically on anything)
~THE ORCHESTA(I almost cry when I listen to the soundtrack)
~How the first town in the beginning is Moscow and everyone is speaking Russian
~When Jack blows on the snowball
~How Toothiana’s wings sound alot thicker than babytooth’s
~When Jack is walking on Jamie’s roof, his staff hits the top of the roof twice in a bounce
~Jack’s staff when it freezes the powerlines
~When Bunnymund taps his paw on his boomerang when he first talks to Jack
~When Jack places parts of the matayoshika doll on the table
~The workshop
~The steps of the reindeer on North’s sleigh
~When the eggs go through the vines in the Warren
~The distress in Jack’s voice when Pitch tells him that he will always be alone (it breaks my heart)
~The thump when Jack drops North’s little wooden baby on the grass
~The ice cracking under Jack and his sister
~The splinters of Jack’s staff hitting each other when he tries to fix it
~Everyone laughing when they have the snowball fight with all the Guaridans

But my three very favorite
~The song “Wind…Take me Home!”
~When you can basically hear the tears of joy in Jack’s voice when he says, “You can see me” when Jamie first sees him
~The sound of the last snowflake in the end 

Maybe next time you watch Rise of the Guardians just close your eyes. Stay silent. And listen.

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